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Complex Litigation

SQ-WATT Legal is specialized in « complex litigation » and advice, which requires:

  • a multidisciplinary approach (legal, economic and political when necessary)
  • extensive legal creativity (given the frequent absence of any case-law)
  • the setting up of a strategy and tactics in order to achieve the defined goals
  • coordination of different specialized interveners (experts and/or other law offices)

The SQ-WATT Legal partners intervened in the biggest financial cases of the 30 last years in Belgium (Wagon-Lits, Générale de Banque, Ubizen-Verizon, Banque nationale de Belgique, Assubel, Citibank, KBC 5-5-5, Fortis, EURIBOR, Arco, EU-EMTS, Corsan, Optima, Weghsteen, FNG, assurances “branche 23” …).

They also take on expert assignments from Belgian or foreign courts or public authorities (weapon market regulation, public procurements in legal services, implementation of the Treaty on Stability, Coordination and Governance (TSCG), drafting of European directives in financial law, Euribor litigation).